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Day 1 Insanity: Fit Test #1 (Dig Deeper)

Day 1 of Insanity had me watching the “Dig Deeper” section of the DVD in which Shaun T (the insane guy who created the program) talks about giving every workout your all. He showed me a couple of moves that we will be doing in this workout. He also says that he’s “gonna motivate you so hard, that you’re not gonna have a choice but to get the best body you’ve ever had.”

Day 1 of Insanity: Fit Test #1

He also says some legal B.S. stuff that he’s required to say such as “consult with your physician before you start Insanity,” etc.  He also briefly describes the concept of Max Interval Training (as opposed to regular interval training in which you workout soft for a few minutes and then go hard for about 30 seconds). He flipped the circuit and will have me doing a hard workout for minutes with 30 second soft workout “breaks.”

Jump, Squats, Plank, C-Sit + Shaun T’s Motivational Speech

Shaun T also shows us 4 different moves, and I knew what 3 of them were already because they’re in P90X. He shows us an example of the following: Jump, Squats, Plank, and the C-Sit (the only move I wasn’t really familiar with, but it looked really easy). Anyways, after the little motivational speech and introduction, I was finally ready to take the fit test. It was not easy, but it was not that hard either. Check out my first Fit Test results below.

Day 1 of Insanity: Fit Test #1 Results

1. Switch Kicks = 110
2. Power Jacks = 55
3. Power Knees = 74
4. Power Jumps = 34
5. Globe Jumps = 10
6. Suicide Jumps = 20
7. Push Up Jacks = 33
8. Low Plank Oblique = 50

Meet Tanya and Chris from Insanity

There are two people doing the demonstrations in this fit test. They are Tanya and Chris (Shaun T is instructing). Anyways, they are both in great shape and can kick some major ass; especially Tanya. With that said, I’m calling out Tanya right now for cheating (e.g. not doing the full moves) during the fit test; specifically during the Power Jacks and Power Knees. The Power Knees it is obvious that she does not bring her hands all the way up after each knee up. Chris does the moves right and does not compromise his form.

Doing the full move (range of motion) vs. going for speed and cutting the range of motion

It seems like the whole goal is to go for speed during these (and that’s what I was doing), but I didn’t cheat by doing half of the move; I did the full thing. Alright, enough ripping on Tanya – she is still crazy fit and did a good job with the rest of the moves. Chris did a good job throughout and I really liked Shaun T’s encouragement on Day 1 of Insanity. I’m looking forward to doing an actual full length workout tomorrow (Day 2).

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