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Day 4 Insanity: Cardio Recovery

Day 4 of Insanity was the Cardio Recovery workout and it was pretty easy. I wasn’t really expecting a mid-week break from Shaun T - the guy who is normally screaming at me to “Dig Deeper!” With that said, it was very nice to change things up and let my muscles recover.

I woke up feeling sore from yesterday and having this particular workout today really was perfect. I thought that it would be longer than just 30 minutes, but it turned out to be the perfect amount of time. Although none of the exercises got my heart rate up, they included nice stretches in combination with core engaging exercises.

Day 4 of Insanity: Cardio Recovery

Why the Cardio Recovery workout was perfect for today

This workout really loosened up my hamstrings and leg muscles. This workout wasn’t as tough as Yoga X, but I liked it because it was less time than Yoga X – which is 1 hour and 30 minutes. I will probably have to go for a bike ride later today or something to actually burn some calories. This “recovery” got me sweating and there were parts of it that were fairly tough, but compared to the past couple days – this was nothing.

Holding Squats and Lunges was fairly tough + Pulses

The squats and lunges were tough when Shaun T told us to “hold them” for awhile and then do “pulses.” By the end of those I definitely felt the burn. This workout was perfectly designed to fit in the program in my opinion. You can’t keep going maximum cardio every single day without wearing out your muscles or getting injured. I’m glad that Shaun T understands the importance of keeping muscles loose.

How many calories did I burn with the Insanity Cardio Recovery workout?

I have no clue how many calories that I burned, but I don’t think that it was too many. My guess is that I burned between 350 and 400, but I honestly don’t care about that kind of stuff. I do my best and forget the rest for all of these workouts (c) Tony Horton. Most couch potatoes and obese people probably don’t burn that many in days. Anyways, don’t know what I have in store for tomorrow, so I’m going to need to be ready to roll again.

Scared of getting my ass kicked tomorrow

From what I’ve heard (from my brother), tomorrow is going to be around 30 some minutes of non-stop pure cardio exercises; he says it’s one of the hardest workouts in this program. In my opinion, the second workout (Day 2 Insanity Plyometrics Cardio Circuit) is the toughest Insanity workout I’ve had so far – so I’ve gotta be mentally focused and ready to roll for this new workout. Anyways, enough said for today – the workout went well and was mostly just stretching and very low impact exercises.

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