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Day 11 Insanity The Asylum: Game Day Workout

Day 11 of Insanity The Asylum was the Game Day workout and man it was a great workout and a lot of fun! Even though the burn was pretty darn wicked at various parts of the workout, including the 1 mile run at the beginning, overall I really enjoyed this one. It was a full 60 minutes of exercises related to a bunch of different sports such as: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling as well as intense recreational activities like swimming, rock climbing, surfing, and more… I don’t think I would have been able to make it through if there wasn’t a Day 10 of Relief yesterday! Shaun T has you focused from the minute you start this workout because he lets you know that all of the workouts that you’ve done up to this point were considered your “practices.”

Team Asylum: "In It To Win It"

You are on “Team Asylum” and need to win

In order to make your practices pay off, you need to go all out on “Game Day” and beat the other teams and opponents. Shaun T had everyone convinced that we were competing against another team that wanted to take us out. The name of our team in this workout was “Team Asylum” and he wants you to step up and be the leader of your team if you can. Although I wasn’t a leader the entire time, I pushed hard and stayed right with the whole gang of Alisha (properly spelled “Alysia”), DB, Daniel, Mike, Darren, Martin, Lloyd, Rachael, Mandy, and the others. Everyone on Team Asylum pushes hard so you have got to be ready to work hard!

Game Day vs. Sports Bonus DVD

It was tough to compare this workout to the Insanity: Sports Bonus DVD because I thought that the Sports Bonus was hard as hell. In fact, I’m going to say that the Sports Bonus was just as hard or harder than this one provided you are pushing hard. That does NOT mean that this is an easy workout by any means, you have got to “be in it to win it” because it goes for a full 60 minutes and you need to win at all of the exercises. Oh and in case you were wondering, you only use the ladder and pull up bar for this one – no more effing around with a jump rope…haha I’m actually really glad the jump rope was not included or I think it would have been way harder than it already was.

Day 11 of The Asylum: Game Day

Shaun T starts off by saying: “This is Game Day, you’re in a competition against yourself, we’re working as a team, but we’re only as strong as our weakest link – be in it to win it and lead the way!” Before you start this workout, I recommend having your volume like Roscoe Dash recommends: all the way turnt up! (Well don’t go deaf, but have it louder than normal because you need to be amplified).

Game Face... Muuuuugin (like Playboy Tre) after the games

Warm Up Exercises

In & Out Agility (Ladder) – You use the ladder for the first move and do the “In and Out Agility” exercise that you should already know from the “Speed and Agility workout (Day 6).” You get the knees up and move up and down the ladder in and out one foot at a time. When you see the clock at over 60 minutes, you probably did a double take, but yeah, this workout is a full hour.

Agility Split Squat Touch – I’m not sure if we have done this one before, but it should get your legs ready to go. You do a split squat in and out of the ladder one foot at a time, and you move from side to side across your ladder. In each square you touch down with the fingertips of both hands and you move quickly to get your heart rate up.

Agility Dual Hop with Tuck Jump – This is an easy exercise, but perfect for the warm up. You do dual hops all the way up the ladder and then do a tuck jump over the top bar of the ladder. You sprint back down the side and repeat as many times as possible. Halfway through you switch the side you sprint back on.

Warm Up Stretches:

  • Arm Swings – Swing your arms to the front, then swing them to the back – these get your shoulders and arms loosened up.
  • Lunges – You do slow lunge stretches to the right and left to get your muscles warmed up.
  • Hamstring Stretches – You stretch out the hammies to the middle with wide feet.
  • Oblique Stretches – Take each arm overhead and stretch to each side.
  • Shoulder Rolls – You roll your shoulders to the front, then the back.
  • Finish Line Focus – Close your eyes and visualize yourself crossing the finish line. I loved this because it got me more fired up…haha

The Asylum: Game Day Workout Exercises

1 Mile Race

You step away from the ladder and get ready to run for a full mile. My guess is that if you are sprinting hard, you actually will finish a full mile (or at least come close) in the 6 minutes and some odd seconds that the clock is set for. I know that I can run a mile in under that time, and since I was sprinting here, I’m pretty sure I did finish an actual mile. I’m not 100% sure though because you do some uphill runs that will slow you down if you are actually following proper technique and landing on your heels.

  1. Flat Run High Knees – You do a regular run on flat ground with high knees. He wants you to get off to an amazing start and literally go all out from the moment you start this workout. Most runners would pace themselves if they were doing a long race, but you’re not, you are literally “running” a full mile, no jogging here.
  2. Uphill Climb – This is a lot tougher because you are moving slower and landing on your heels. It may look easier, but its way harder – your legs should be feeling the burn from the incline here if you are landing properly. You are supposed to drive your heels and the balls of your feet into the floor. I was laughing when Shaun said, “this is only 1 of 2 hills – this is the EASY hill”…haha
  3. Downhill Butt Kicks – You should be familiar with these because they were in the original 60 day Insanity series (feel free to read my original “Insanity Reviewve” if you want more information). Anyways, you need to use proper control, engage your core, and kick your butt with each stride. You also should imagine that you actually are running downhill because it helps. Here is where you need to gain extra ground that you lost while climbing uphill.
  4. Steep Hill Climb – Yeah, this is the second hill that Shaun was referring to earlier and is THE HARDEST move in this 1 mile run. I’m not going to lie; I actually fell down on the second arm switch, but got my ass back in gear when he said “their team is catching us.” If you keep your body center and are driving, you are going to feel like dying after this move. This was straight up wicked yawl.
  5. Flat Run High Knees – This is where you need to push and win the race. You need to be flying through this even though you are gassed from the steep hill that you just climbed up. Shaun T screams, “this is not a jog, we gotta run!” and the people really pick it up. I was going all out with this move like my life depended on it because Shaun had me in the zone.
  6. Sprint To Finish – We are in the stadium and it’s a tie, and you have 10,000 people cheering for you with one lap to go in the race! You have to win the gold right here…haha Martin looks like he is a walking deadman here. I was pumping my arms and trying to push harder than Rachael. When I crossed the finish line, I was glad I got some water.

(Water Break)

Track & Field

100 Meter Agility Dash (Ladder) – You use the ladder for this one, get on your marks, set and fly like you are sprinting. You take your two feet outside, then move them inside one at a time, but you are sprinting through this and moving really quick. Shaun T randomly yells “on your marks” and you have to hop back and get ready to do it all over again. I actually think that I carried Team Asylum on this one… I was flying.

Competitive Long Jump – For this exercise, you start on one side of the ladder, get “set” like a sprinter when Shaun says “set,” and then run or sprint when Shaun says “run up” and then you jump the entire ladder vertically when Shaun says “jump.” This exercise will get your heart rate up even more and your legs will feel like they’re getting a workout. Especially if you get down low and touch your hands to the ground like you are supposed to when you clear the ladder.

(Water Break)

Basketball Court

Fake Out Layup – When I first watched Shaun demonstrate this move, it actually “faked me out”…haha I eventually got the hang of it and it wasn’t that complicated. You stand on one side of the ladder, fake like you are grabbing a real basketball when Shaun says “ball,” and you step back when he says “fake.” Then he says “fake” again and you step back, and then jump across the width of the ladder doing a layup. Then you get back into position and keep repeating until the time is up. You switch sides halfway through this routine.

Daikeler Jump Shot – Hey shout out to the president of Beachbody Carl Daikeler for this move….haha It has his last name so I’m assuming that it is dedicated to him. How about you dedicate a move to me Shaun? Anyways, at first I thought it should have been named after someone who is awesome at jump shots. For some reason the kid Jon Diebler from Ohio St. came to mind because he could hit the trey like nothing last year and had a “D” to start his last name… but I guess it sounds nothing like “Daikeler” so my bad. Anyways, for this exercise, you basically catch the basketball down low and you jump up to hit the shot. You switch sides halfway through and your goal is to get 20 on the right and 20 on the left. I hit 15 on the right and 15 on the left and I thought that I was going super H.A.M.

(Water Break)


Mounted Matt Maneuver – You twist your leg across your body, lift your arm up, and bring your arm down to do a push up. Then you come together and do a tricep push up with your legs together in the middle, and then you switch sides doing the same thing on the opposite side. You gotta go hard because Shaun T says if you don’t, someone is going to pin you. I really slowed down at the end, but made it through the entire move and felt like I was about to get pinned, but I fought through. My arms and core were on fire here… oh and you do this for 2 minutes straight!

(Water Break)


Soccer Kicks – You start down, and when Shaun T says “go” you do a hard kick like you are trying to score the winning goal in the World Cup. After your kick, you get back down, and when Shaun T yells “go” again, you do 2 kicks instead of one. You progress all the way up to a total of 8 kicks on each side for a total of 36 kicks on each side. You really need to use your abs and core to get your kicks up and some power behind them for this one. By the eighth kick, you should be really feeling it in your supporting leg.

Soccer Juggle – You run in place, but tap your right knee with your left hand, then your left knee with your right hand, then your right toe with your left hand, and finally your right knee with your left hand. You repeat that combination as fast as possible for what seems like a long time. The juggle is one of the hardest moves in this entire Game Day workout – especially when you’re on your second round through. Aaaaaaaaaah….LOL – he is NOT playing around and if the ball hits the ground or someone takes it from you then you lose! I was very close to letting the ball hit the ground on the final set of the juggles. Darren is flying through the end of these like a menace, I tried to keep up when I saw him beasting.

(Water Break)


Forehand Backhand – According to Shaun T: “It’s Wimbledon baby!” So basically for this move you move across your ladder and hit a forehand on one side, and when you make it through to the other side, you hit a backhand. Halfway through you switch hands with your air racket and use the other arm to make your shots. As someone who has played tennis, I’m not so sure about this drill, but it was fairly easy, and I needed some nice “active recovery.” Even though I was going all out, it wasn’t super tough.

Volley Overhead – You sprint through your ladder, hit 2 volleys (one forehand, one backhand) – then you do a backwards sprint on the sides of your ladder, and jump up, and smash an overhead. Halfway through you lead with the other foot and switch hands for your overhead slam. Did Team Asylum win Wimbledon here? Nofa king doubt. Anyways, you are now about halfway through the workout!

(Water Break)

Speed Skating

Speed Skating Sprint – This is one of the toughest exercises in the Game Day workout. You are a speed skater, and to win the race, you need to get off to a strong start. You fold your ladder in half and put your hand in the square on the opposite side of your body from the leg that is kicking out to the side. Then you switch and go back and forth side to side for a full minute. You end up doing this twice and both times your legs should be on fire… These are super tough if you are going all out for speed. Even like halfway through the first round, my legs were feeling it but you gotta dig deep and push your limits.

Coast – All this speed skating had me feeling like Apollo Anton Ohno. I have actually seen how hard he trains and dude is a beast, but Team Asylum was right there with him…haha For the coast you use your adductor and IT-band – engage your abdominals and stay low. You need to keep your head down and wrap your hand around your back. Shaun wants you to win the race with the coast and control by getting low and pushing off. The final round of the sprint was absolutely wicked though.

(Water Break)


100 Meter Breast Stroke

Flutter Kick – You do a flutter kick with a breast stroke and you need to beat Michael Phelps in this race after you just beat Apollo speed skating…haha Anyways, you go hard for a full 30 seconds, but end up coming back to this for another 30 seconds after you use just your arms. What’s tough about this move is meeting your hands behind your back like you did in the “Back to Core workout (Day 8)” that was considered practice.

Iso Hold – For these, you lift up your back when your hands come back during the breast stroke and your feet are off the ground the entire time. For this, you need to really engage your back muscles in order to make it through the water. You do this for a full minute and then go back to the flutter kick for the final 30 seconds.

(Water Break)


Ride the Wave – You do a freestyle paddle, and when Shaun yells “wave” you jump up and ride the wave like a surfer – pushing up and staying low in a squat with your arms extended. You switch sides halfway through and these are tough. Riding the waves are actually really tough too because your arms, legs, and core should be on fire if you are doing these properly. I thought that this exercise was a lot of fun, perfect to add right after swimming, and was definitely challenging.

(Water Break)


Lineman’s Drill – He says “Asylum are you ready?” we say “hike” and you follow his orders. He may say “rush the quarterback” which involves you pushing through the linemen and tackling the quarterback. We are playing defense here (like Revis) and are bossin up to the max. We also do a “side to side” shuffle where you touch down on each end of the ladder – which is tough. Also, the football drill turns right, center, and left will have your legs on fire. You do this drill for a full 2 minutes and it is definitely one of the harder exercises in the program if you are taking this seriously and digging deeper. I loved when Alisha pushed Shaun T over… He said, “I’m 190 pounds and she is like 105 – and she knocked me over” – definitely made me laugh!

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Plank Jacks – Your ladder gets folded in half again and you do mountain climber jacks up and down the 2 squares of the ladder for a full minute. When your feet are in the square, you hop out and do a wide push up, then hop back in and hop out to do another push up. You keep repeating the cycle for the full time and man, these will tire you out, but you were really only at the base of the mountain with this first drill.

Rock Climbing Switch Pull Ups – These are extra badass because you use the pull up bar right after you just got done doing the push up jacks. For these you pull up, do a switch when you’re up, then you come neutral and go back down and do a pull up again. The whole cycle continues. I was only able to do a few of these before my arms gave out and I did the other option which is “Alternating Lat Push Ups.” The lat push ups involve you finding the “best part of the ledge” and doing a lat push up to the right, then to the left, then to the right, and rotating back and forth for the full time. These will kill you for 2 minutes, but you need to dig, do your best, and try not to fall off the edge of the cliff.

(Water Break)

Rock Climbing Push Up – We are at the second half of the rock on Mount Everest here and need to do more tricep push ups in the ladder and a wide push up jack when your feet come outside. So basically you are doing rapid-fire push ups alternating between tricep and wide push ups all while moving up and down two squares on a ladder – fucking bananas… but it gets even more bananas with the next move. Anyways, on this move I had to take a break because I would have fallen off of Everest and died…haha Shaun T even says, “This is a nightmare” but Lloyd carries the team with this one. If you are going to take a break near the end, do whatever you can do stay in plank position and avoid putting your knees on the ground. You will still feel a major burn by holding high plank for the final 10 seconds like I did.

Rock Climbing Switch Hold – You should know this one from the “Strength workout (Day 7)” – you go from neutral grip to under grip and hold yourself up for the full time. I tried the rock climbing switches, but really only lasted for a little bit before I crashed. I stayed on the mountain and did the alternative which was “Single Leg Lat Push Ups” for the remainder of the time. Even these push ups are going to kill you so don’t feel bad if you cannot do the pull up bar switch. You keep one foot in the air for 1 minute of the push ups, and the other in the air for the next minute. This is where you need to mentally focus, but mental focus only goes so far if your arms go out like mine did during the last minute. We finally reached the top of Mount Everest…cheea!

(Water Break)


The Pitch – We need to pitch a no hitter like Pedro Martinez in his prime…haha Anyways, you throw a hard pitch, and you follow through so that both your hands go down to the ground. You do one mountain climber, and hop back up to throw another pitch on the other side of your body. I thought that this was going to be the final exercise because the time was running low on the clock, but it wasn’t. You do this for a full 2 minutes and use your core to throw the ball.

Batter Up – Okay, now you are like Nelly saying “batter up.” So you were the home team in baseball and you are down by 50 runs going into the bottom of the 9th. For this exercise you need to think Prince Fielder and be ready to go yard with every hit. I guess you could also think like a lumberjack because you take so many hard swings that it seems like you are chopping down a tree. As someone who has played baseball, I think it would be hilarious if I ever swung this during a game…haha. These are way more intense than regular baseball swings because you are hopping 180 degrees, putting your full body into the cuts, and swinging with maximum power and speed every time. You will burn a shit ton of calories on this last move and you need to be pushing hard. I felt slightly dizzy at the end, but surpassed the 50 hits that Shaun told us to go for… I ended up with a total of 53 homeruns! (Hitting that many was hard as hell). There is no way that some of our team members (i.e. Mandy, Rachael, Alisha, et al. had 50 hits), but they did work hard so overall I’d say we won the game!

(Water Break)

The End of the Game Day workout: Cool Down & Stretches

You finally did it and finished Game Day winning the baseball game (or homerun derby), surfing some amazing waves, dominating at wrestling, winning Olympic golds in swimming and speed skating, you were on the Green Bay Packers (and won the Super Bowl), climbed Mount Everest, won a 1 mile race (with hills), took down Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal in the Wimbledon finals, beat LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh on the Heat (you were on the Mavericks), and you beat the Netherlands because you were on team Spain and scored 72 goals in the World Cup as predicted by Paul the Octopus (R.I.P.)…

Anyways, this workout combined competitiveness, with intensity, with some playfulness and sports. I really liked it and the cool down couldn’t have come any sooner. Shaun T wants you to replay all of these games in your head so that you remember what you did right, what you did wrong, and what you can do better for next time. For the cool down, you do some deep breathing, stretches, and basically just chill out. If you made it through this workout, good job – it was wicked.

Final Thoughts: Game Day Workout (Day 11)

My favorite part of the workout was when Alisha rushed the quarterback a.k.a. Shaun T and knocked him on his ass and then he yelled “yeah yeah yeah!” with the fist pumps for extra intensity. Because when he yelled “yeah yeah yeah” and it amped me up to a whole nother level. Shaun T is the undisputed heavyweight champion for motivating people to kick as much ass as possible through their workouts – definitely something that got me fired up.

Longest Asylum Workout: Burn the Most Calories

This was one of the better workouts that we have done so far, and I’m not going to say that it was the hardest because Vertical Plyo gets crazy too (read my “Day 4 of The Asylum: Vertical Plyo” experience if you don’t believe me). This is the longest workout in the program at 60 minutes and my guess is that I burned more calories today than any of the other days because there are so many exercises. Even though you are going “all out” in all of the workouts, this one you are using your full body and doing cardio, core, strength, all in one workout.

12 Water Breaks Built-In: Need to Stay Hydrated

I did like the fact that there were 12 water breaks spaced evenly throughout this workout. After each one of the sports exercises, you get a nice break for some water and trust me, you will need it. When you are working out for a full 60 minutes, you need to stay hydrated or your will probably pass out and/or faint. I had a large glass of water in my workout area and 2 Gatorades. I honestly wish I would have had more water because water is what I needed, not Gatorade – I really only needed one.

You do need to get some electrolytes during your workout and I’m actually kind of surprised that Beachbody hasn’t developed a scientific solution to market for people during their workout – they only have recovery drinks and Shakeology. Anyways, this workout was amazing and I liked everything about it even though it was hard. If you made it through, congratulations and good work. If you haven’t done this one yet, I think you’ll really enjoy it and get an awesome workout in The Asylum!

Side Note: Post-hoc Analysis of the Advertisements

Side note: At the end of the DVD, I noticed that there is a plug for the original 60 day Insanity series which you should have graduated before doing this one. Anyways, I noticed that Alisha was in there and her name is properly spelled “Alysia” so my bad for screwing up on here. It shows that she had a whopping huge stomach from having kids and she lost all the weight by doing the 60 day program. Definitely cool that she is in The Asylum because she always works hard and I liked her knock down of quarterback Shaun in the football runs. I never would have guessed that she is in her 40’s now (she looks way younger). I think I saw Martin smiling when they advertised the wall calendar as well…haha With that said, did Tania (I spell it “Tanya”) decline to come back for The Asylum? I wonder…

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