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Day 15 Insanity The Asylum: Fit Test #2 + Speed and Agility Workout

Day 15 of Insanity The Asylum was the Fit Test #2 (Athletic Performance Assessment Test) followed by the Speed and Agility workout with Shaun T. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to take the Fit Test today because on the 30 day wall calendar, there was no mention of it. I see that it lists to take the test on the first day (which I already did) and on the final day of this program (i.e. day 30). Anyways, since the booklet that came with the program has Day 1, Day 15, and Day 30 listed for the results of the Fit Test, I decided to do it just to be safe.

Rick Ross voice "Ugggh"

There’s no way I’m going to miss out on anything and I figure that it’s better to be on the safe side than miss anything, even if it is just the fit test. I looked up some people that did the Asylum on YouTube and there were people that took their performance assessment on Day 15 as well so I decided that there was no way I was going to skip out. I was glad to see that I improved all of my reps during the performance assessment test since before the first day (see: The Asylum: Fit Test #1 for more information).

If you want, you can compare my results from today with the first day. If you do, you will see that I increased my number of reps on every single exercise, which shows me that this program is kicking my ass into elite shape…haha Below, I’m going to discuss why the combination of having both the Fit Test as well as Speed and Agility on the same day is crazy.  Oh and before I get into details, feel free to check out Day 6 of The Asylum: Speed and Agility to see how I did last time if you’re interested.

Day 15 of The Asylum: Fit Test & Speed and Agility workout

The combination of the Fit Test and Speed & Agility is tough as hell

The combination of having the Athletic Performance Assessment (Fit Test) and the Speed and Agility workout is tough as hell. Seriously, I knew that I was going to be able to push through and survive, but I didn’t realize how tough doing these back to back would be. The reason that they are tough as hell to do together is because you are pushing to your maximum in the Fit Test because you want to do your best (i.e. beat your results from Day 1). When you are done with the Fit Test, you pop in the other disc, get a sip of water, and you are right back in it going full speed in the warm up. The warm up for Speed and Agility is wicked when you are running with high knees, doing the squat jump rope, criss cross jump rope, and more.

Really the only workout that is reminiscent to this one is from the O.G. 60 day version back when we were just starting Month 2 and were hit with Day 36 Insanity: Fit Test 3 and Max Interval Circuit. I remember the first time I had that double workout with the Fit Test prior to the routine that I was officially wasted. Since I already had done the Day 11 of The Asylum: Game Day workout I figured that I could survive anything. I will say that this workout may not have been quite as tough as Game Day, but don’t get it twisted… it could have been just as tough and I could have felt like I was having an exceptionally good day since I had the Day 14 of The Asylum: Relief stretch yesterday.

Fit Test #2 Results (Day 15)

  1. Agility Heisman: 10.5
  2.  In & Out Ab Progression: 46
  3.  Pull Ups: 20
  4.  Mountain Climber Switch Kicks: 78
  5.  Agility Shoulder Taps: 5
  6.  X Jumps: 36
  7.  Moving Push Ups: 4
  8.  Agility Lateral Shuffle: 12.5
  9.  Agility Bear Crawl: 6.5

How I Improved My Reps on Every Move…

Better shape – I am in a lot better physical shape than I was when I first took this test. I think that has a lot to do with the fact I improved on every single exercise here. I’d say that the toughest moves to improve on for me were the agility Heisman, pull ups, mountain climber switch kicks, and the moving push ups. Every exercise is going to be tough when you are pushing yourself to go all out. I am also more mentally prepared for this because I am used to all of these exercises and got great practice with them during the regularly scheduled workouts.

My booklet...

Psychological competition – It is really tough to let loose and go H.A.M. knowing you have a full Speed and Agility workout to do still. The reason that I improved though is because I always look at my booklet and results ahead of time and try to beat the number I had before. So I actually go harder because I feel like a failure if I don’t beat my previous number of reps…haha I did not want to disappoint myself and I felt good that I was able to do better than last time with EVERY exercise even though some were only improvements by half of a rotation (a.k.a. one length of the ladder).

Day 15 of The Asylum: Speed and Agility (Hardest Exercises)

The Warm Up – I actually improved in the warm up compared to previous times doing this workout because I have now officially mastered all of the jump rope exercises. That means I have the criss cross and the 1 2 scissors jump rope completely mastered 100%. I seriously made zero mistakes with any of these moves and I actually really surprised myself because I haven’t been practicing them at all. The warm up was tough as hell though because I didn’t really take more than a couple minutes between the Fit Test and this workout. The running high knees jump ropes were crazy and doing the squat jump ropes really burned the legs. I somehow pushed through and survived the workout. My strategy for today was to survive one set of moves at a time and continue to push my best. Since I was already warmed up, I kind of thought it was pointless to do another warm up, so I turned it into a hard workout – pushing harder than I normally do because I was already warm.

Mountain Climber Progressions – All of the progressions were beastly today since I had already used the arms in the fit test. Anyways, the rounds of the mountain climber progressions killed my core muscles, but I hung in there and pushed. This exercise will always be one of the toughest in the workout, even though it is one of the first.

Moving Push Up Progressions – As you move across the ladder and do push ups, your arms get tired. I impressed myself with my strength and stamina today, but during the second set of these where you have to jump into the ladder, everything got a whole lot more badass. I kept going though and actually would give myself an “A” for these today.

In and Out Ab Progressions – After the mountain climber progression rounds are over, you have these to look forward to later in the workout. Yeah, they are a bitch, but if you want good results, you have got to push hard through these. I always laugh when Shaun says something along the lines of “you should be going just as hard as you did during your very first move of the workout.” I am glad that he says it because it is phenomenal motivation and it does make me push my own limits even more. There is no denying how wicked the last two rounds of the In and Out Ab Progressions are though… I always go until my arms go out and I eat ladder… Then I get back up as soon as possible to keep pushing more… It’s a vicious cycle…haha

Final Thoughts of The Asylum: Day 15 (Fit Test & Speed and Agility)

No more fit tests until Day 30… Thank (based) god! (#ThankUBasedgod)

The first thing I want to mention is that I don’t have any more fit tests until Day 30 (a.k.a. the last day of The Asylum) which is perfect. Today’s workout was hard enough “as is” without the fit test, so adding the test prior to the main workout really made it crazy as fuck. I think that by the time I get to Day 30, I will be able to improve my fit test results again. Even though it seems like I have already completed a lot of tough workouts, there still are 15 more days… So I know that my strength will be improving as well as my cardio and overall level of fitness by the time it’s over.

I exceeded my expectations

I actually exceeded my own expectations today during the Speed and Agility workout. Why? Because I thought that I was going to be dead after the Fit Test. I actually was pretty damn tired after the Fit Test and thought that there was no way I was going to be able to push as hard as I needed to make it through this workout. Well, I was wrong… I kicked ass in the Agility Bear Crawls, Agility Shoulder Taps, and did some pretty damn solid work. I felt like I ripped the head off of a monster in the warm up and survived a gang fight unscathed in the first round. When I got to the power round, I definitely got beat up a little bit, but hung in there and stayed with it for the finish.

I’m glad I did this workout earlier in the day…

For some reason, I actually feel somewhat excited that I finished this workout earlier in the day. I usually am a lazy effer and like to sleep in, but I liked the fact that I got up a little bit earlier to finish this instead of starting it at 5 P.M. I started today at like noon or maybe even before noon, so getting it out of the way was ideal. Anyways, doing 2 cardio workouts back to back in this program seems rarer than a first edition holo foil Charizard equipped with energy flame, slash, and burn down as the attacks…haha (if you don’t know don’t axe).  Why? Because we haven’t done two cardio workouts back to back thus far.  Tomorrow is going to be my first taste of back to back cardio workouts in the Asylum. Yeah, so that means I’ve got Vertical Plyo tomorrow and I plan on trying to get it done earlier in the day because I like being able to chill during the early evening and watch Tosh.O, Workaholics, Dancing with the Stars, etc.

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