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P90X Core Synergistics Workout Review

The P90X Core Synergisticsworkout is a routine that I have done many times. It is one of those workouts that when you finish, you feel both refreshed and like it worked all of your muscles. Although this routine isn’t some overly intense strength training routine like the P90X Chest and Back workout, The Asylum Strength routine, or the Upper Body Massacre, it is an extremely consistent routine from start to finish that will work your entire body. The way that Tony Horton designed this routine was by creating synergistic exercises that work your core as well as many other muscle groups. The reason that the routine is called “Core Synergistics” though is because nearly all of the exercises involve engaging your core (or as Tony calls it, your “cage”).

Core City: Go out and get engaged with your cage...haha

Today was the first time that I had done Core Synergistics within the past year – it is a routine that I put on the backburner – totally dismissing it because it was done during the recovery weeks of P90X. I am extremely glad that I gave it another shot today because it brought back great memories (Tony’s jokes and all) of the two times that I did P90X. Not only did it bring back some good memories, it also gave me a lot better workout than I expected. I knew that it was the only “real workout” that was done during recovery phases.

Since I’m in pretty good shape, this routine wasn’t anything difficult, but it was longer than I expected. Also, if you use heavy weights for the curls and presses, and do maximum reps on all of the push ups, you should get a great workout. The reason I enjoyed this routine today is because it provided plenty of variety as well as exercises that I hadn’t done in a long time like the super gangsta prison cell push ups.

P90X Core Synergistics Review

Okay so what exactly is Core Synergistics and what does the name even mean? This routine is designed to work your entire body, but all of the exercises go through your core. Meaning that all of the exercises will work your core muscle; either directly or subtly. While you do this routine, what you need to do is consciously focus on tightening your abs. You don’t need to go overboard, but you do need to make sure you feel them working on nearly all of the exercises. If you don’t feel your core muscles contracting, you should give them a little flex just to make sure you are keeping everything tight.

What does “synergistic” even mean? The root word is “synergize” which means two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the individual agents. Perhaps Tony explains it best in the intro when he says, “Synergtistics is multiple muscle groups at the same time while working the core muscles.” If you do this routine, or have already done this routine, you will realize that it works a little bit of everything. It is not designed to be a specific “abdominal workout” per se because it involves doing curls, squats, lunges, push ups, and more. However, there are still plenty of moves that directly work your core as well – so it will still work your abs.

The P90X cast and crew in Core Synergistics includes: Dreya Weber (world famous), Adam (dancer / trainer a.k.a. the guy with half a percent of body fat), Pam (they call her “Blam”), and my favorite fitness comedian Tony Horton. I think that the crew he rounded up for this particular DVD is cool – Adam is always chillin, Dreya doesn’t do anything annoying (Tony seems to hit on her a lot though), and Pam “the Blam” Moore (the P90X grad who is allegedly a private investigator and will come to your house if you make a mistake…haha).

P90X Core Synergistics Workout

Warm Up

  • Head Rolls – Drop your ear to your right shoulder, then roll it over to your left shoulder, and repeat back and forth to get a good stretch. You are supposed to loosen up and stretch your neck while breathing; this should feel good.
  • Wide Chest Stretch – Plug your fingers into the ceiling (don’t get electrocuted), and pull down wide to the side. This stretches out both your chest and back and is one of my favorites.
  • Topas Stretch – The Topas is a classic, with wide feet, and open palms, extend your arms to their designated sides to open up the chest. Try to coordinate this with your breathing: as you open up your chest – inhale, as you come back to center – exhale.
  • Side Stretch – Kick your hip out to the right and lean with your right arm extending overhead with your fingers pointing to the left side. After getting a stretch on that side, kick your left hip to the left and repeat by extending your left arm overhead with fingers angled to the right. This is the stretch that you feel from your “hips to your fingertips.”
  • Shakers – Shake out your arms and legs for some quick ballistic stretching.
  • Huggers – Love yourself like Pam the Blam and hug yourself a few times to get loosened up.
  • Reachers – The reachers are another favorite, reach up like you’re doing the wave while inhaling, and then on the exhale, drop your arms and reach upwards behind your back – driving your palms to the ceiling.
  • Marching – March in place with high knees just to get some more blood flow to the muscles. You march normally initially then march it up some more with wide knees.
  • Jogging – You jog in place for a little bit with high knees. You start out jogging normally with high knees, then move to wide high knees, and eventually jog with knees down heels up (so that you are kicking your butt).
  • Jumping Jacks – Tony throws in some jumping jacks and Tony talks about Dreya stripping down as she takes off her shirt. He then comments on how Pam still has her sweatshirt on and that it’s coming off soon…haha.
  • Lunges – Do some basic lunges to keep your heart rate up. Basically jump your right foot forward, left foot back, then left foot forward, right foot back and repeat. Alternate your arms as well by moving your left arm up as your right arm drops down and vice versa. At this point you should be warmed up. Unfortunately there is more stretching – something I don’t think is totally necessary, but I followed protocol.
  • Hanging Hamstring Stretch – With feet wider than shoulder width, bend at the waist, lower your head, and rest it on your folded arms. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings while you are hanging. You have the option of rocking back and forth for a little extra som som like Blam.
  • Split Leg Hamstring Stretch – Keeping one foot pointed forwards, step your other foot back and point the back foot at a slight angle out to the side. Then turn your hips so that they are square to the front and bend over to stretch your front hamstring. Obviously you should keep your front leg locked and completely straight (i.e. no bend). Repeat this on the opposite side by switching your feet.
  • Quadriceps Stretch – Standing up nice and tall, you grab one of your ankles, and pull it in to your butt for the quad stretch. After you have done one leg, switch to the other and get ready for the workout.

Core Synergistics Workout Exercises

Tip of the day: Engage. “What do I mean by that? I don’t mean to go out and get engaged, what I mean is, I want you to think the entire workout, every move: stomach, pelvis, glutes, upper thighs, pecs.” I literally laugh every single time he drops that classic gem of a joke at the beginning…haha. Anyways, he wants you to make sure you are engaging your muscles the entire time, which happens to be a perfect tip. Follow the tip if you want the best possible results from this routine.

Round #1: P90X Core Synergistics

Stacked Foot Staggered Hands Push Ups

The Stacked Foot / Staggered Hands Push Ups is a type of push up that I love doing. To properly perform this move, you position one hand slightly out in front of your shoulders, the other slightly behind your shoulders so that your hands are staggered. You then stack one foot on top of the other on the side of the hand that is positioned furthest away from your body. As you do a push up, the elbow of the hand out in front should move out to the side (like a fly push up), while the elbow of the hand further back should move straight back (like a military push up).

You do 5 reps on one side, then flip your hands and feet so that they are staggered (and stacked) the exact opposite – and do 5 more reps. Push yourself as hard as possible so that you get maximum reps. Make sure you are going down all the way in your push ups, and hopefully you didn’t forget the tip of the day this early – engage. Today I managed to knock out 35 reps before the designated time of 60 seconds had elapsed.

Core City ain't it Dre? hahaha

Banana Rolls

For the Banana Rolls you need your yoga mat or something padded so you don’t fuck up your spine. Anyways, do roll like a Chiquita, you extend you lie on your back, extend your arms straight out off the ground at about a 45 degree angle. At the same time, you also extend your legs straight out so that they are up off the ground. The only thing that should be touching the ground is your butt and back (your shoulders should be lifted as well). You probably have already done “Banana” at some point during P90X so you should know what’s good anyways.

Once holding Banana, you need to be prepared to hold it for a full 2 minutes – while rolling when Tony tells you to. Every so many seconds, Tony will have you roll from being on your back to your side, from one side to your stomach, then to your other side. You keep up the rollin like a boss while making sure that you engage your muscles. If you want the best possible results, you need to remember to consciously keep your core tight. Adele is rolling in the deep, Gucci Mane is rollin rollin rollin ain’t slept in weeks, and we’re rollin like Bananas for the win.

Leaning Crescent Lunges

For the Leaning Crescent Lunges, you need to grab dumbbells and be prepared to do 24 total reps. To do this exercise, you grab a dumbbell in each hand, hold them at your sides, take a step with your right foot at a 45 degree angle from where you are standing. As you step, you want to lean your body forward so that you are in a lunge position – your body should be angled at about 45 degrees as well. Once in the lunge position, take your arms holding the weights, and extend them overhead, do a short isometric hold, bring them back down, and step back in to starting position from the lunge.

Then step in the opposite direction and repeat the same sequence for the Leaning Crescent Lunges. One thing you might notice is that you picked a weight that is too heavy and you can’t complete all 24 reps. If that’s the case, just quick lighten things up and continue, but make sure you finish 24 of these badboys. I had 15 lbs. in each hand and after 12 reps was like damn my arms are still tired from yesterdays massacre routine, so I lightened up to 10 lbs. for the final 12 reps and got a great burn. This is a great exercise because if you pick the right weight, it is going to give you a challenge. If your weight is too heavy, you will not be able to do a very good isometric hold at the top – so just lighten up if that’s the case.

Squat Run

You may want to keep the weight that you just used from the previous move in your hands. For the Squat Run, you don’t need a super heavy weight – I used 10 lbs. per side and it worked out perfectly. I have used 15 lbs. per side in the past and my run is slower, but all that really matters is that you feel your entire core working on this move. To do the Squat run, take a step back with one of your feet, bend at the waist like you would if you were getting ready to run a sprint, and pump your arms while holding the weights. As you pump your arms, you need to engage your core and push yourself. Your elbows should be coming up to at least your back when they swing back, and up to your shoulders on the way up. When half of the minute is up, you switch your leg positioning – move the leg that was in front to the back, and leg that was in back to the front and keep sprinting. Choose a resistance weight that makes your arms and core work the entire time. Side note: Tony is talking to Pam saying that she is “working on one of those private investigation deals, checking on people who have handguns”…ahahaha!

Sphinx Push Ups

I love the Sphinx Push Ups here, these are challenging and will work your arms. To do these, you start on your mat in normal plank position with both of your hands and forearms on the ground. You do a push up so that your forearms come off of the ground and only your hands are still in contact. Then you drop back down from your hands to your forearms and repeat the entire process doing “Sphinx” push ups. The goal here is to keep your arms straight like you would for a military push up. If you want to make these harder, slide your hands in closer and elbows back further – if you want to make them easier, have your hands out past your shoulders. I was able to do 15 reps with close hands, but they were more challenging than I expected.

Bow To Boat

Roll back on your comfy yoga mat and get ready to rock and roll – literally. This exercise is exactly what the name suggests: going from “Bow” position to “Boat” position – both of which engage the core muscles. Tony has you do 10 count holds for each position before making the switches. To get into proper “Bow” position, you lie on your stomach, bend your knees, grab your ankles, and lift your head and chest off of the ground as well as your thighs. The only part of your body that should be making contact with the floor is your stomach while you are in this position. When Tony instructs you to switch to “Boat” you quick roll over onto your butt, extend your legs straight up at a 45 degree angle, get your chest and head up, and extend your arms straight out. You keep going from Bow To Boat until the designated time has elapsed.

Low Lateral Skaters

For the Low Lateral Skaters, you are instructed to put targets on the floor wider than shoulder width that forces you to really open up and get a good extension out of each leg. I used dumbbells like Tony. If you have done the Plyo Legs routine, you know all about using markers and similar exercises. Anyways, this exercise is actually extremely simple, but the goal is to really engage your core so make sure you are focusing on your core muscles the entire time. To start the Low Lateral Skaters, you place your feet wider than shoulder width in line with your markers that you set, put your hands on the floor, and slide them to one side. When you slide your hands to your right foot, you lift your left leg off of the ground for a little toe tap.

When you slide your hands back to your left foot, you lift the right leg off the floor for a toe tap. You repeat this process for about a minute. I actually counted and ended up doing 20 reps with the leg raises. The goal here is NOT speed though, it’s control and is supposed to work your core – make sure you try to keep your legs spread wide in line with your targets the entire time.

Lunge and Reach

The Lunge and Reach is another exercise that matches the name – you lunge, and you reach. This is very similar to the Loading Dock exercise that you do during Interval X Plus, except here you use weight. To do the Lunge and Reach, you start out grabbing one dumbbell and holding it with both hands. For 30 seconds of this move, you lunge to the right, take your dumbbell down to your right foot while in the low lunge, and then twist your core (and feet) by pivoting and lift the weight up over your left shoulder with extended arms. From the top you take the weight across your chest and go back down to the bottom – it’s pretty easy to follow.

For the next 30 seconds, you do the exact same thing except you are lunging in the opposite direction. What you may not expect is another 30 second set on the right side, and then another 30 second set on the left – you do a total of 4 sets. Although Tony recommends a fairly light weight, I disagree with him. Obviously you don’t want to pick something that you are going to drop, but you want something pretty darn heavy since you are only grabbing one dumbbell. The goal here is to still engage your core, but heavier weight certainly helps with the process. I ended up using a 30 pound dumbbell and did a total of 38 reps during the 4 sets that we did. After using 30 lbs., I decided that it was really the optimal amount of weight for me over the span of 2 minutes.

Water Break – Here you get a quick little water break so take advantage of it if you need to sip on a lil som som. I always have water no matter what because I know my body needs it when I’m working hard.

Round #2: P90X Core Synergistics

Prison Cell Push Ups

This is one of Tony’s “absolute favorites” and is also one of my favorites because we don’t do these in any other workouts. He says, “if you ever get incarcerated, this is what you’re gonna do in your tiny little box”…haha. These are pretty damn badass if you are pushing yourself as hard as possible. To do the Prison Cell Push Ups, you start out standing, then you jump back to plank, do a push up, bring one knee in to your forehead and back to plank, do another push up, bring your other knee to your forehead and back out to plank, then do another push up, hop up so that you’re standing, and repeat that entire sequence. Although Adam and Dreya report fairly high numbers, I’m pretty sure they were counting each of the push ups that they did and not the entire cycle. I did 11 cycles (I counted each time through 3 push ups as one cycle) or a total of 33 Prison Cell Push Ups.

Side Hip Raise

For the Side Hip Raise, you need to make sure you are engaging your abs, butt, and entire core. You start out so that one side of your body is lying on your yoga mat. You then put your forearm closest to the mat on the ground and your other hand on your hip in the air. You then raise your hip up off the ground so that you really engage your core muscles. The goal is to get your hip as high as possible, drop back down so that your leg barely touches the floor, and then raise back up. If you want to get really badass with this move, you can raise the top leg (your legs should be stacked) at the peak of each rep. For half of the time you are doing these Side Hip Raises on one side of your body, then you flip and do the same thing on the other side. I did 15 reps on both the right and left side with leg raises at the top. If you add the leg raise, you probably will get less reps, but numbers don’t really matter here – the engagement of your core does; adding the leg raise makes you work harder.

Squat X Press

The Squat X Press is one of the best moves in this entire workout because it literally works your entire body: arms, core, and legs. To get in position for this move, you spread your feet wider than shoulder width, point your toes slightly outward at an angle, and grab a dumbbell in each hand at a challenging weight. You then squat down so that your knees track out over your toes while holding each dumbbell between your legs. Your knuckles and backs of your hands should be facing the front at the bottom of the squat. You then lift up like you would normally for a squat and raise your arms up over your head while flipping your hands so that your knuckles face the back of the room (while your hands are overhead).

You then drop down into the squat, flip your hands at the bottom and repeat the entire sequence for a total of 30 reps. I wanted to challenge myself for these so I started out with 30 lbs. in each hand for 10 reps, then dropped to 25 lbs. for 10 reps, and finally 20 lbs. for 10 reps. I probably could have done all 30 reps at 25 lbs., but I wanted to start heavier than usual and see whether I could handle it – turns out that it was a little much. I recommend a minimum of 15 lbs. per side here so that you get a good burn.

Plank To Chaturanga Run

For the Plank To Chaturanga Run, you drop down to standard plank position with your hands directly beneath your shoulders. You hold plank and run for 10 seconds, and then after 10 seconds, you get down into Chaturanga for 10 seconds. To go into Chaturanga, you drop down so that your chest is barely off the ground (in low plank) and you continue running. While you are in Chaturanga you need to keep your entire body low including your butt and legs. I have actually hit my knee on the ground while doing this in the past and it doesn’t feel too good…haha. I recommend making sure that you practice it a couple of times before going full speed.

I can handle Chaturanga just fine, but this particular move is always tough because your shoulders and arms will get really tired if you have them in the proper position. When I did this move today, part of the grip on the bottom of my shoe actually ripped off while I was in Chaturanga (haha) – it gets intense. Just know that you alternate between Plank and Chaturanga every 10 seconds for the full time limit. The key with this particular exercise is to make sure your shoulders are directly above your hands (in line) while you are running; also make sure you engage your core. If you can’t handle the Chaturanga for the full time, don’t take a break, just keep up Plank and do your best. This exercise is always a challenge for me in the final Chaturanga – it’s very tough.

Walking Push Ups

This name is actually pretty deceiving – you aren’t actually doing push ups here. This move should have its name changed to “Walking Plank,” but whatever works for Tony I guess. To do the “Walking Push Ups” you get into plank position, lock your legs straight out the entire time, and walk your hands 4 times forward, then 4 times backwards. You repeat the process alternating 4 forward, then 4 backwards for the entire time period. As Tony says, you have got to squeeze your buttocks and engage your abs so that you get the most out of this move. I actually counted the entire time and ended up doing a total of 56 walking push ups (or 7 forward and backs). I think that it would have been cooler if we actually did one push up on the transition after 4 walks forward, do a push up, then 4 walks back, and do another push up, but it’s all good – just a misleading name.

Superman Banana

Get ready to blast your core by hopping down on your yoga mat again. You start out in Superman and then transition to Banana whenever Tony says so. To get in position for Superman, lay down on your stomach and raise your arms and legs off of the ground – try to get maximum height with both if you want the most burn. You should keep your eyes on the ground and your head in a comfortable position so that you look like Clark Kent in his prime. Anyways when Tony says so, you have got to transform into a Chiquita Banana by rolling over onto your back and butt just like you did earlier in Banana Rolls. To do a Banana, lie on your back with your butt touching the ground and extend your arms and legs out – your shoulders should be off of the ground. When instructed by Mr. Horton, you roll back from Chiquita to Clark Kent and alternate between the two for the duration. At the end he gets pretty rapid fire so you need to be ready to roll – literally.

Lunge Kickback Curl Press

For this exercise you are going to use dumbbells and it is mandatory that you do a total of 20 reps, so make sure that you pick a weight that allows you to effectively finish without compromising form. Anyways to do the Lunge Kickback Curl Press, you really only need to remember the name of the move. You take a step forward with one foot, lean your body forward at a 45 degree angle with a flat back, do a triceps kickback with your weights, bring your back straight up again, curl the weights up, and finish with a press (i.e. press the weights up above your head like you did for the X Press earlier).

Then bring the weights back down (with a reverse curl), step to lunge with the other foot, and repeat the entire sequence. I ended up doing my first 10 reps with 25 lbs. in each hand and 14 reps with 20 lb. dumbbells – these weights made me work hard and really feel the burn. This is one of the more challenging moves if you picked a heavy weight so don’t try to be a badass and use a weight that’s too heavy because you may get hurt. If you don’t feel this move engaging your core during the 3 minutes set aside for this move, something is majorly wrong with your form and/or weight selection…haha.

Towel Hops

I absolutely love doing the Towel Hops in this Core Syn routine because it is a fun exercise that burns calories, works your core, and is something different than what we’ve done thus far. The great thing about this exercise is that you can make really intense if you want. To set up for Towel Hops, just place a towel on the floor. Step to the right or left of your towel and hop over it and then back. Do these hops with your feet together like a rabbit back and forth so that you are clearing your towel with hops for a full minute.

Make sure you are landing on your toes like “Spiderman, Catwoman, and NOT Frankenstein” as quoted by Tony…haha. In other words, make sure that you are landing softly because this is a low grade plyo exercise. If you want to intensify this move, get your knees up and do tuck jumps (feet to butt) or power jumps (knees to waist) with each hop. I chose to do them regularly because I didn’t know what other moves were remaining in the routine. With that said, I went for maximum reps and ended up with 62 over-and-backs a.k.a. 124 towel hops which was pretty damn solid.

Water Break – Here is your second and final water break before the home stretch of the workout. I would recommend shaking out your muscles a little bit and getting some hydration before you move on to the last set of moves.

Round #3: P90X Core Synergistics

Reach High and Under Push Ups

To do this exercise, you start out in plank position, do a push up (I recommend elbows back military style), then you lock your ankles together, balance on the side like you would for yoga, reach up with the other arm towards the ceiling. After you have reached high, you reach under your body while engaging your core. Then you reach back up to the top, come down to the bottom, do a push up, and turn to the other side – alternate sides after each rotation. At the end of these Tony says he wished the move would have been 2 minutes and I totally agree. I think that the move was too short – I was going at a good pace with great form and only was able to finish 8 reps in the minute, but at least I still felt my core working.

Steam Engine

The Steam Engine is another one of my favorite moves and kind of reminds me of the Wacky Jacks from the Plyo Legs routine because we do 50 total reps here. In this exercise, one “rep” is equivalent to a crunch on both the right and left side. To get your Steam Engine going, you lock your fingers behind your head while standing straight up so that your elbows flare out to the sides. Then you lift up your right knee and twist your core so that your left elbow meets your right knee at your mid-section.

Then you bring your right knee down, lift your left knee and meet your right elbow at your mid-section – you have finished one rep. Keep this up for the full time and you will have done 100 total standing diagonal crunches a.k.a. 50 steam engines. This move is a lot of fun and keeps the emphasis on the core. Make sure you keep your head and chest up the entire time – you shouldn’t be slouching over, use your abs. Near the end Tony really picks up the speed so be ready to rock and roll like Pam the Blam.

Always keep track of your reps and weights

Dreya Rolls

This is allegedly Tony’s favorite really because it’s called the “Dreya Roll” and was invented by the “crazy broad” Dreya Weber…haha. Despite the fact that Tony always hypes up Dreya, I think that this move is amazing – it’s actually probably one of my favorites too. I don’t think it is really that hard, but it does a nice job of working the core and keeps the routine fun. To do the Dreya Roll, you set up your yoga mat, stand up, and then roll onto your back while kicking your legs straight up to the ceiling.

From this point (with your legs straight up) you roll forward and hop up back to standing position – this is one full roll. If you want to get intense, you can add a jump once you are standing or do a 360 degree jump or X Jump (Tony even calls it the Dreya X Roll at one point…wow…haha). Despite the fact that Tony seemingly hits on Dreya the entire time, this move is great so props to her for hooking us up fizzat with the variety. I managed to do a total of 11 reps or Dreya rolls.

Bonus Round: P90X Core Synergistics

Although Tony calls this the “bonus round” I recommend doing it no matter how tired you already are because it’s really not that tough. The bonus rounds are always fun and are really just another round of the workout so I always usually say finish strong. Then again, if you are spitting up blood or something, you maybe should just chill – do what you feel.

Plank To Chaturanga Iso

This is actually a lot easier than the Plank To Chaturanga Run that you did earlier so don’t be intimidated. You do this particular move for a full minute and basically just alternate between Plank and Chaturanga positions with isometric holds. I really like isometric exercises because they typically always involve engaging the core and working the muscles in a different way. I believe that Tony has us alternate about 4-5 times between Plank and Chaturanga with the iso holds and for me these are pretty easy. Although the bottom of Chaturanga may seem tough, you want to make sure that you also engage your core while in Plank because you should feel your muscles working the entire time. The key with this exercise is to not only “engage the core” but to make sure that you are maintaining flat back and keeping your hands directly in line with your shoulders on the ground.

Halfback (Tires and High Knees)

To do the Halfback, you basically just do 4 Tires forward and 6 High Knees backwards and repeat the entire cycle until you have gone for a full minute. You can use your yoga mat if you want to help give you a good target for jumping. You jump to the right, then left, then right, then left – landing on one foot at a time while moving forward. When you move back, you just run backwards with high knees and it’s pretty easy. I think that the Halfback is a pretty easy exercise, but definitely something cool to have in the bonus round – I’ll take this over no bonus exercise any day of the week.

Table Dip with Leg Raise

This move is awesome because it engages your core, works your shoulders, and targets your triceps with each rep. To get in position for this exercise, you sit down on your yoga mat with your fingers facing forwards and one foot touching the ground. The foot that isn’t touching the ground should be in the air pointed straight up and fully extended without any bend. You then drop your butt down so that it is close to the floor (not touching) and lift up back to a table for 5 total reps.

After doing 5 reps while balancing on one leg, you switch sides and go for maximum reps during this final minute. Although it is good to get as many reps as possible, proper form is crucial because the pinnacle of the move involves getting into table after each dip. At the top of the move, your arms should be extended and elbows locked so that your body looks like a table with one leg in the air. At the bottom, you should look like you are doing a dip with your elbows bent. This is a great way to end the Core City routine because it gives your arms one last burn before they chill. I managed to do a total of 35 reps and I honestly don’t think that I could have done more during the time period – at least I beat the insanely ripped Adam…haha. Make sure you push yourself to the max with this one because it is the final move of the workout!

Cool Down Stretch

  • Inhale / Exhale – You do the infamous “plug your fingers into the ceiling stretch.”
  • Huggers – You know how to do these; hug yourself and shake out your arms.
  • Karen Pot Stirrers – Tony has a Lentil Split Pea going and Gazpacho, while Pam has a Ratatouille…haha. I’m always stirring up some Chicken and Wild Rice…LOL.
  • Wide Hamstring Rockers – You bend at the waist, fold your arms, put your head on your arms, and rock back and forth (side to side) to get a little stretch out of your hamstrings.
  • Downward Dog – You are “auditioning for the cover of “Downward Dog Magazine” with this stretch. Alternate bending your right and left leg so that you stretch out your calves and hamstrings.
  • Cat Stretch – You go into the yoga cat stretch to quickly loosen up your back.
  • Kenpo Quad Stretch – This is just a quad stretch that involves getting down on the ground, leave one shin touching the ground with your foot positioned across your body. The other leg bends at the knee and you pull the ankle up to your butt for a good quad stretch. You do this on both sides of your body just to get a good cool down.
  • Glute Stretch – For the glute stretch, you lay down on your back, place your right ankle on your left thigh, and pull the shin of your left leg towards you to really engage the glutes. Get a good stretch here, but don’t overdo it. You then flip and do the opposite side so your left ankle goes on your right thigh and you pull the right shin towards you for the stretch.

P90X Core Synergistics Review (Conclusion)

Upon finishing Core Synergistics, I realized that it is really just another awesome workout from the P90X series. Finishing it today brought back good memories of the fun times I had doing this routine during the “recovery weeks” or weeks in between phases. The reason that I love Core Synergistics is because it gives my body an entire set of full body exercises that force me to use my core. I really like how this routine starts off with a bang by making us do Staggered Hand Stacked Foot Push Ups.

Other moves like the Leaning Crescent Lunges, Sphinx Push Ups, Lunge and Reach, Prison Cell Push Ups, Squat X Press, Plank to Chaturanga Run, and the Lunge Kickback Curl Press all make you work hard if you chose the proper weight and/or push yourself. There are even easy moves and exercises that I would consider “fun” like the Dreya Rolls, Banana Rolls, Bow to Boat, Superman Banana, and Towel Hops. Really the only thing that could have made this workout any cooler is if there would have been one exercise involving pull ups. I think pull up crunches or negative pull ups would have been awesome to include in this routine.

Don’t think of this workout as a supplemental abdominal routine like Ab Ripper X, because it’s not. It does work your core, but it is more of a full body workout that puts extra emphasis on your core muscles. If you are already done with P90X, I recommend mixing this workout in your routine every few weeks or so if you like it because the exercises here are great. By the end of Core Synergistics, you may not feel completely exhausted, but you will know that you got a great little workout. Oh and in case you were wondering, Beachbody finally has a Core Synergistics worksheet up on their website that you can print off, so just Google it and you’ll find it! Always keep track of your reps so that you can work to improve with the weight.

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  • Trent December 16, 2012, 9:15 pm

    I’ve been doing the core synergistics routine exclusively and the core exercises mixed with the full body workout, for me, has improved my overall health to an extent that I could never have predicted. Core S is actually very cardio demanding and prior to P90X I lifted weights and had a good physique but no cardio training. I’m 42 and after about a year of core S workouts (with 3 or 4 rest days in between) I’m in the best shape of my life and on the job little injuries caused by reaching, lifting, etc. are a thing of the past.

  • Convivial Coach April 1, 2013, 2:05 pm

    Core Synergistics is my go to workout when, I’m need of a good full body workout. It literally covers every aspect of you body. I also like the Prison Cell Push-ups…basically a Burpee on steroids. Working on getting my numbers up. I didn’t realize how hard the Dreya Roll was initially, the key is to make sure you butt gets as close to your heels before you lift up. I was all kinds of stumbling backwards on the lift up initially. GREAT Post!

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